Visit Manzanillo, Mexico

Manzanillo is one of the main tourist destinations of the Pacific Ocean and the main one in the state of Colima. Since 1957, year in which more than 300 Sailfish were caught in just one season, it jumped to international fame as the “Sailfish World’s Capital”, which have given importance to its tournaments, specially the Dorsey Cup. Sport fishing, together with golf, scuba diving, extreme sports and other fun activities, encouraged the continuous growing of its tourist services. Currently its offer of hotels, restaurants, bars, malls and entertainment centers is enough to leave the tourist breathless.

Manzanillo is located in the west side of Colima State, on the bay of the same name, just in front the impressive Pacific Ocean. It is the capital of the municipality of the same name, the biggest municipality in the state. It is located a little less than 90 km from Colima City, capital city of the state.

The main tourist attractions that this destination offers are located in its surroundings, natural resources and beaches full of fun possibilities. Some of the interesting sites are La Campana and El Chanal archeological zones; in Cuyutlan, beach at less than 30 minutes from Manzanillo, is the Museo de la Sal (Salt Museum), El Tortugario Ecological Center and Palo Verde Tideland. Other natural sites to visit are the Armeria River, Faro de Campos, Natura Camp, La Floreña Tropical Forest and El Salto Waterfall, among others. Its main beaches are: Salahua, Las Hadas, La Audiencia, Isla Navidad and other.

Las Hadas Golf & Marina Resort (or “La Mantarraya”) is considered one of the best 100 golf courses in the world, and Isla Navidad Golf Club is one of the few golf courses with 27 holes; both courses, together with the not less beautiful Santiago Golf Club, make the players of this elegant sport feel more than happy to practice here their best swings.

Among the traditional festivals are the Foundation Festivities of May; the Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue International Festival; and the Carnival, commonly held on February. The warmth of its people along with the excellence in service form part of the Manzanillo culture. In the craftwork area, are made pieces of conch, shell and palm leaves; regarding gastronomy, it stands out the tasty Sailfish Colima Style Ceviche and the refreshing beverage known as Tejuino.

Manzanillo’s name comes from the tree with the same name that lives in the region, which fruit is poisonous and even getting close to it causes skin allergy. However, the sweet charming of this place has no comparison with any other place and the tourists will only have the best experience of their lives. For that reason, the people have also baptized Manzanillo as the “Emerald of the Pacific”.

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